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Aluminum patio covers

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Patio covers provide strong protection from the sun and weather, so you can spend time outdoors regardless of the forecast.
An insulated roof keeps heat away from your patio. If you’re hoping to escape the sun in the summer, a patio cover makes your outdoor space cooler and more comfortable.
A combination of excellent engineering, beautiful aesthetics, and structural integrity enable our patio covers to resist up to 175 mph hurricane winds. Strong enough for any region, regardless of the weather conditions.
A combination of excellent engineering and structural components built from 100% extruded aluminum, Its high strength-to-weight ratio enables it to withstand heavy snow loads, driving rainstorms, and high winds.
Powder coating is the strongest color finish available. For long-lasting protection, we apply a dry
powder to raw aluminum, then bake it together at high temperatures, bonding the color coating to the metal. This ensures even coloring, a perfect finish, and long life. It only requires an occasional wash to remain fresh.
Our aircraft-grade extruded aluminum structural beams do not rust or degrade over time, so your patio structure remains fully intact as it ages. The use of injection-molded resin for all of our plugs and caps ensures that unsightly connections turn into things of beauty that can live forever in the sun.

We offer several patio cover models with endless customizations. Regardless of your style of
home or unique needs, we can find a solution to create the perfect covered patio space.

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